Best Apps to Enhance your Vocabulary

Happiness is the feeling of winning scrabble by using an extraordinary word with a margin worth boasting.

A good vocabulary and the right choice of words always work for those much-needed brownie points to your assignments whether in school, college or at work. It does not only make you look smarter and creates an impression, but it is found that learning new words and languages increases brain activity too making you smarter! Well, so in those minutes of travelling or waiting in a queue or while enjoying your morning coffee, here are some of the best apps that may help you expand your vocabulary and scintillate those grey cells too.


Going by its name, this app has almost everything one needs for learning new words. It has a combination of learning tools and games which help you not only learn but also retain new words. As it claims, this app uses sophisticated algorithms and provides customised vocabulary quizzes and questions for each user.


This app is designed as quiz games and uses flashcards, which helps in retaining the new words. Millions of users worldwide design flashcards daily for assisting each other learning. Hence it is a community built vocabulary app.

3. Power Vocab Word Game

This app can be used when in a group, as it has a multi-player mode for its games and quizzes. It is definitely a fun way of learning and good utilisation of time when with friends and peers.

4. Anki

It is another flashcard based app which has a little old school approach in its functioning. It is a good app with huge word bank for school children.

5. Magoosh

This vocabulary builder with its targeted user base is aimed at improving scores in major exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT etc. It is available for both Android and iOS. For different examinations, It contains test features at different levels for every day as well as difficult words. With its reward system and progress track reporting this app is a front runner for exam preparation.

6. Reverse Dictionary

For those who always look for that perfect and sophisticated word to express themselves, this app is just for you. This application produces potential words when someone searches a phrase and writes merely a description. Majorly helpful for those who are though not fluent but have basic knowledge of English and for the lovers of the thesaurus, it’s a verbal treat!

7. Duolingo

For those who like to learn an exotic tongue. This application claims to help a person learn a whole new language by investing less than 10 minutes per session. It has everything- reading and writing exercises, pronunciation, phonetics etc.

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