How Does Alexa Safeguard your Home?

The revolutionary endeavor of Amazon Alexa is making life smooth and hassle-free. Alexa is all there to cater to you and shifts a majority of your responsibility by assisting you in many ways. The virtual assistant is operating in the real world to uplift some load from the poor human bread.

source: Alexa Safeguard

It can switch on bulbs for you, play music or open and close your TV and other domestic appliances. Also its game, special Jeopardy, not only lifts your mental stress but also empowers your knowledge too. It stands by your side in every hurry and leisure, whether to support you in rush hours when you’re all fired to go out or when you want some quality time to rejuvenate yourself.

With its rich set of skill, your command or voice instruction make any work happen. Now, you will able to use Alexa in absence also. It can take care of residence and home stuff when you are out.

Amazon embedded Alexa guard skill feature that keeps an eye on your home. It can work as your ear and listens all minute and suspicious sounds for you and responds by sending you a message whether it is breaking of glass or fire alarm or any other emergency alarm which is set to listen.

Alexa not only notices the sound and sends you notification regarding that but it also makes you listen and see through a connected camera and speaker or Echo device. It also informs or notifies even the thief or intruder that you are going to call the police. In this way, it is not only helping you but also intimidating the burglar and compelling him/her to step down from your premises.

Alexa is creating dissuasion by switching the light on and off after some time in your absence that deludes outsiders. In this way, intruder thinks that someone is in the house and hence he/she refuses his/her plan to enter your home.

Although Alexa is doing an impressive job for you, still it has some limitations. It is not able to call the police or other assistants in place of you. If you have some additional security system like ring or ADT, Alexa forwards the security message to it.

Some other limitations are also associated with this feature like it is not compatible with the first or second generation Echo Dot or Echo hardware.

Regardless of any limitation, Alexa uplifts the security related issue without any complex arrangement.

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