How to Fix Common Apple TV problems

Undoubtedly, Apple TV is a great device. It gives an awesome experience for watching TV, movies and playing games. But some common issues like slow performance will ruin the experience.

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Here are some common Apple TV problems and steps to solve them:

Some common issues faced by users:

  1. Apple TV won’t power on normally.
  2. TV remote stops working or won’t work properly.
  3. Play button of the Siri remote is not working.
  4. Audio is not playing.
  5. Storage space is running out.
  6. An app misbehaves or stops working.

How to fix Apple TV won’t power on normally

If your Apple TV won’t turn on or turn on with some issue, then firstly check your power source. Then check the connections and plugs make sure that the plug is inserted correctly into the outlet of the Apple TV. Also, check that the strip or surge protector is turned on.

If your TV turns on, but now the video signal isn’t coming on your TV. Verify HDMI cable and connection and also check TV input. If you found everything okay, then check the resolutions on your Apple TV, Hold down ‘Menu’ and ‘Volume Down’ button of your Siri remote at least for five seconds and set it from there.

How to fix a Siri remote that stops working or won’t working properly

If your Siri remote also won’t work properly then first try to charge it with the lightning port at the bottom side of the remote. If you want to check the charging level, use your any iOS device as a remote and then go to ‘Remotes & Devices’ section on your Apple TV.

Even now remote doesn’t work then try to reset it. To reset your remote put it into the pairing mode by holding then ‘Menu’ and ‘Volume Up’ buttons of the remote at least for three seconds and reset it.

How to fix a not working Play button of the Siri remote

Everything is ok, but the Play button is not working. Pressing it again and again but nothing will happen. If you’re also going through the same situation and want to get back your working Play button again, then here are two things you can try to fix your Siri remote play button.

  • Restart your Apple TV.

To Restart: click and hold the ‘Menu’ and ‘TV’ buttons. Keep holding until the front light of the TV starts blinking. Then release the button, and your TV will restart.

  • Pair your Siri remote once again.

For pairing mode: click and hold the ‘Menu’ and ‘Volume Up’ button for some seconds, and your TV remote is in the pairing mode.

How to troubleshoot Audio is not playing on Apple TV

Mostly audio issues occur because of setup and settings. If a similar problem is also happening to you, at first simply restart your TV. If there is any hardware soundbar is connected with your TV then also reboot it.

If restarting will not fix the problem then check the settings for audio.

To check audio settings:

  1. Open ‘Settings.’
  2. Then go to ‘Audio and Video’ settings.
  3. Check that the speakers are selected for the Audio output is correct.
  4. And ‘Auto Mode’ is chosen for Audio Mode.

How to solve the issue of Storage space running out on Apple TV

The easy solution to solve Storage space running out trouble is that simply delete the unnecessary or unused applications and games from your Apple TV. It can be done directly from the home screen with simple four and five steps.

  1. Go to the app you want to remove and highlight it.
  2. Long click on the trackpad and release when the icons start wiggling.
  3. Then, click the ‘Play/Pause’ button.
  4. Choose ‘Delete.’
  5. Again click ‘Delete’ to confirm.

To manage storage from settings:

  1. Open ‘Settings.’
  2. Then go to ‘General.’
  3. Go to ‘Manage Storage.’
  4. Click on the ‘Trash’ icon of the app you want to remove.
  5. And click ‘Delete’ to confirm.
  6. Do the same process to remove apps.

What to do when an app stops working or malfunctions?

If any apps stop responding or start misbehaving on your Apple TV, then you can force close it.

To do this:

Double-click the ‘TV’ or ‘Home’ button > then swipe toward the right or left to the select the app and then swipe up on the on your Siri remote touchpad.

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