How To Secure Your Google Home Device?

Though Google’s virtual assistant is not the most leading one, still its speakers such as ‘Google Home’  ‘Google Home Max and Google Home Mini’ are becoming more and more popular and making users happy with their lovely skills and capability.

How To Secure Your Google Home Device?

Protect Your Private Details!

You should use Google Home’s Voice Match feature to stops your personal information from getting stolen by the hackers. If you activate Voice Match, then Google Assistant will save your private payment histories and the playlists that have been set by you. The device will provide you with private information by your voice only.

  1. Firstly, to put the Voice Match, go to ‘Google Home’ applications.
  2. Then, hit on ‘Multiuser is now available’, ‘Link your account’ or else ‘Get personal results with Voice Match’.
  3. Note that you need to speak ‘Hey Google’ and ‘OK Google’ many of the times to guide your gadget to let it identify your voice correctly.
  4. And every person needs to do the same thing in their personal Google account.
  • Set And Remove Earlier Recordings

It is worth noting that Google saves your earlier conversation history with the help of Google assistant on its server till the time you don’t delete it manually. The functions such as asking for weather report doesn’t include your personal stuff but when it comes to your bank account number and the rest banking details you need to play safe. After all, the number of cyber crimes are increasing day by day. You should not neglect this fact.

  1. Listen and adequately remove your voice recordings by using

‘My Activity’ part of your Google Account.

  1. It is available in two of the places- Firstly on ‘Google Home’ applications. Secondly, on the website (
  • Prefer Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For Your Google Accounts

2FA makes your information safe by protecting your private information. As your Google Home is attached to your Google account; this consists your Drive, Photos, Gmail, Movies etc.- so if the thieves get your password, then they will get all your information that you have saved including the private information.

  1. Thankfully, even your close cousin or any of your friend who knows your password will not be able to get your private information until and unless they have your smartphone with them.
  2. To sign in to your account, listen to your recordings or adequately gain access to your Google Home.

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